A few words about me

I am a veterinarian, I have 20 years experience in the business of hunting mule deer and 10 years in breeding and reproduction thereof.

Every year, my goal has been to improve the genetic quality of my animals. This has been possible, making a proper use regarding the exact amount of trophies to be obtained each season as the existing population and the timely removal of poor quality animal genetics.

Excalibur Trophy, Ricardo Camou L. & Ricardo Camou N.
Excalibur Trophy, Ricardo Camou L. & Ricardo Camou N.

A fundamental aspect of this work is the personal attention I provide to each of my clients, from the moment they arrive, during their stay at the ranch, until his departure at the airport.

The Hunting

Our experience makes yours an extraordinary adventure.

Each hunter has equipped with turret truck, a driver and a professional guide. The way of hunting can be: by car, tracking down the animal, or observing through binoculars or telescope in the hills that are within the hunting area.

The best time to hunt is early morning and evening, in the month of January, which is the mating season, where there is a greater chance of finding a good trophy.